What is the best way to make money online in India?

Best ways to make money online are:

Learn to search Google effectively – so that you won’t end up in a spammy scam websites

Don’t go for “Mom earns $5000 per month”, “Google Pays me “$444 per hour” advertisements.

Start a blog (it may be WordPress/blogger (free)) and focus on a single niche (bunch of topics related to same subject). Write those articles, which are never published anywhere! (imp) > Apply for Google Adsense after you start to get daily 1k visits/day or it is better to apply after 5-6 months.

You can also start microniche websites with rare keywords (highly searched and low competition) and earn good money by affiliates or adsense! (This need some skill sets!)

Don’t join any network marketing type of business online

Don’t join any survey companies, Don’t join any pay per download companies (all re bulls***!)

Write for other blogs – write from your heart and with more research on the core topic (experience will earn you more per article!)

Join some forums and Q&A websites and increase knowledge – There are some Q&A sites, where you can earn some decent income for posting quality answers along with increasing the writing skills.

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